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We are Alisa and Jack, a creative couple, a photographer, and a videographer dedicated to creating beautiful photos and videos. Our brand, "Lyman-Sky," may seem mysterious, but let us explain what it means to us. Firstly, it is our last name, and "Lyman" is also an English surname, which, as you know, can originate from names, toponyms, professions, and so on. Who knows, maybe we have ancient roots, and perhaps it's not by chance that we ended up here.

A bit about our autobiography: we, Jack and Alisa, have been married for over 13 years, and our passion is to capture and preserve memories. Born in Ukraine, we now call Northern Ireland our home and create photos and videos all over Ireland and the United Kingdom.

For us, wedding videography is the art of capturing emotions. With 7 years of experience and expertise, we notice the unseen moments that will make your wedding video unforgettable. From decorations and guests' wishes to jokes with family and friends, we capture everything in stunning detail. Our goal is to make memories of your wedding everlasting, allowing you to look back on them with a smile over the years.


Welcome to our website!

The "Lyman-Sky" brand is associated with aesthetics and high quality in the field of photo and videography:

High Quality: "Lyman-Sky" is a brand representing high-quality video products with an emphasis on cinematography and professional filming.

Soaring High: The word "Sky" symbolizes height and freedom, associating with creativity that unfolds horizons and rises above standards.

Individuality and Style: "Lyman-Sky" provides individual and stylish photo and video works, emphasizing the uniqueness of each moment.

Thank you for choosing to share your moments with us, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to create beautiful memories for you.

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